Politics 101

We know politics has become way too complicated. The team at Crash Course has put together amazing videos on politics and government. They’re fun to watch and educational too. So we’ve decided to share the best of them here to answer some of your most common questions.

As we find them, we’ll keep posting new resources that would be fun and interesting for you to watch. Watch for updates on Facebook or Twitter!

Elections, Pluralities and What the @#%* is Duverger’s Law?

Why Do I Vote the Way I Do?

Campaigns and Why Politicians are Always Asking for Your Money

Congressional Elections, Money in Politics & the Incumbency Advantage

Crash Course is a YouTube channel created and run by John and Hank Green, Phil Plait, Craig Benzine, Adriene Hill, Jacob Clifford and their team. The views in these videos are their own and do not reflect the views of Politi-Score or its staff. These videos are shared here purely as an educational aid for our users.

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