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Give us your address and we can tell you who your political representatives are and which seats are up for grabs in the 2016 Election. We even make it easy for you to contact your politicians!


Politics 101

Feeling overwhelmed by all the political media coverage out there? Politi-Score is collecting and sharing amazingly simple and fun videos and resources from around the web that answer your biggest questions about American elections and politics.


Register to Vote

Have you registered to vote yet? We can give you all the information you need to get yourself registered and ready to vote in the 2016 Election and Primaries. Registration deadlines are fast approaching, so register to vote today!


Important Dates

Election season is long and complicated. Check our calendar to track all debates, primaries, registration deadlines and elections this coming year.


Trending Topics

Want to know what the world is saying about politics today? Use this tool to find out what the biggest minds on Facebook and Twitter are saying about the political issues you care about the most. Wondering what the primary candidates are saying about education? Want to know what your peers think about Syria? Use our Trending Topics tool to find out!

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Missed some of the debates? They are a great opportunity to hear directly from the candidates and make up your own mind about who would best run the country. We’ll be posting new debates as they happen to keep you up to date on the candidates and their developing platforms.

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