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Launching Winter 2016

Politi-Score is partnering with elected officials
who want to crowdsource laws that come from citizens like you.

You propose the law, develop the policy with other passionate voters,
and share it online. If your law gets enough support,
Politi-Score will work with your representative
to introduce it on the floor of their house of legislature.

LawMaker is an experiment to make our democracy more responsive to its people.

Help us prove we can all impact our government. Help us prove we can all be LawMakers.


Get Your Own Facts

Follow Your Politicians

Build a scorecard for your elected officials, showing how they voted on your top issues.

Learn About Bills and Laws

Politi-Score will push newly drafted bills on issues you care about straight to your dashboard. You’ll see drafts of laws months before they are voted on.

Follow The Money

Watch the money that affects public policies. Our infographics will make it easy to see who is spending money to impact our nation’s laws.

Be Heard

Contact your politicians with a tap. Answer real-time polls that go directly to your decision-makers. Weigh in on bills as they are being drafted.

Make Your Own Decisions


We are and forever will be 100% non-partisan. All of Politi-Score’s information will be pulled directly from trusted sources and presented without editorialization.

Data Driven

We will get information from government websites, display it in a way that is easily understood, and let you come to your own conclusions.

Voters First

Our only goal is to make politics simpler and help voters make better political decisions.

Cast Your Own Votes

Politi-Score envisions a future in which all voters have the unbiased information necessary to cast their votes. We imagine a nation that isn’t controlled by political parties or special interest groups, but by educated citizens who make themselves heard.

Politi-Score Uses Data and Data Links From These Trusted Sources

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